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Best Spine surgeon in Gurugram | Best Spine Hospital in India

Best Spine surgeon in Gurugram

Here is the description of the Best Spine surgeon in Gurugram,and its ideas about spine surgery, surgery is one of the most important and intelligent procedures, which needs proper knowledge and care to be operated.

Best Spine surgeon in Gurgaon

We are often scared when undergoing an important surgery, but the key to the fear lies in an expert’s hands. With a vast range of knowledge and wide experience,

Best Spine surgeon in Gurugram

India has some of the best spine surgeons who have had quite of lot of success stories. They possess high qualification, international training and many years of practice.

They are quiet renowned internationally as well, with having teamed up with doctors from abroad to handle complicated cases and successfully complete them.

Best Spine surgeon in Gurugram

What exactly is Spine Surgery?

Problems in the spine lead to a number of problems in the back, leg and neck. Spine surgery is carried out when it faces a number of complications which cannot be treated otherwise.

An unidentifiable lesion in a person’s spine is detected, diagnosed and treated through surgery. A long term conservative therapy is required before carrying the surgical procedure in almost all patients.

Spine surgery is only needed when long term non- surgical treatments have failed to solve the issue, and the body can no longer function adequately.

Problems in the spine can sometimes cause chronic pain as well. Many spinal disorders have been successfully treated in India such as scar tissue formation, annual tears, sciatica, arthritis, herniated discs, degenerative disc diseases and foraminal narrowing.

Qualifications of a Best Spine surgeon in Gurugram

The following qualifications are considered for a doctor to be represented as a qualified spine surgeon in India.

  • MS in Orthopedic Surgery
  • MS in Neuro Surgery
  • MCH in Spine Surgery
  • International Training Programs and Fellowships
  • FRCS/ MRCS from International hospitals and colleges
  • Paper publications in reputed and renowned scientific and medical journals.

Specialties of Spine Surgeons in India

With having obtained wide knowledge from across the world, spine surgeons in India can handle the most complicated cases and solve them successfully.

They are well educated and trained from in some of the best medical institutions of America, Europe, United Kingdom and China. With paying keen attention to the patient’s problems, the surgeons make sure that the disorder is treated precisely and as quickly as possible.

They pay individual attention to their patients, helping them to understand the procedure thoroughly and educating them of it.

Spine surgeons in India can swiftly handle all the modern devices and technology used to operate the patient, helping them to recover sooner.

They conduct a detailed procedure on the patient, right from the very first step, to avoid errors and to ensure 100% success rate.

These surgeons team up and work together to formulate the best treatment for the patient to ensure his/ her steady recovery and to conduct the procedure successfully.


Best Spine Surgeons in India

The best spine surgeons in India hail from different cities and regions. Dr. Arun Saroha is one of the best spine surgeons in India.

Dr. Arun Saroha is Director, Neurosurgery at Max Healthcare. He is doing spine surgery from the last 16 years. He specializes in Neuro-oncology, Paediatric Neurosurgery, Neurotrauma, Stroke & Cerebrovascular surgery.

His specialty interest is in spinal fusion, Complex Spine Surgeries, Disc Replacement, Transnasal Surgery, Stroke and Cerebrovascular malformation and Paediatric Neurosurgery, Trauma. He has performed more than 6,000 Neurosurgeries successfully till date.

Best Spine surgeon in Delhi

He having Professional Memberships of the following societies including national and international level:

  • North American Spine Society – NASS


  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons – AANS


  • Neurological society of India – NSI


  • Neurological Spine Society of India – NSSI


  • Association of Spine Surgeons of India – ASSI


  • Neurotrauma society of India


  • Spinal Cord Society – SCS


  • Association of Surgeons of India – ASI


  • AO Spine – Asia Pacific (Delegate)


  • Walter E Dandy Neurological Society


Best Spine surgeon in Gurugram,Dr Arun Saroha

Dr. Arun Saroha’s Professional Training Activities (International):

  • World Federation of Neurological Society (WFNS) Course
  • AO Principal Course
  • AO Advanced Course
  • AO Masters Course
  • AO Tips for Trainers
  • AO Advanced Course – Davos
  • Synthes Skeletal workshops

Dr. Arun Saroha participated in various Conferences & Workshops:

  • 2014 – Symposium and Workshop on Posterior Cervical Spine – Live Surgery
  • 2013 – Eurospine conference meeting at Liverpool, UK
  • 2013 – Degenerative Spine Course: Live surgery workshop (Organizing Secretary)


  • 2013 Kochi – ASSICON (Association of Spine Surgeons of India)
  • 2012 Delhi – NSI (Neurological Society of India)
  • 2012 Delhi – ASSICON (Association of Spine Surgeons of India) – Faculty
  • 2011 Bangalore – NSI (Neurological Society of India)
  • 2011 Mumbai – ASSICON (Association of Spine Surgeons of India)


  • 2010 Jaipur – NSI (Neurological Society of India)
  • 2009 Delhi – International Conference on Lumbar Inter Vertebral Disc
  • 2008 Delhi – Xth Annual Conference of DNACON


  • 2008 Jaipur – International Symposium on Thoracolumbar Spinal Diseases
  • 2007 Delhi – AO Spine basic course
  • 2007 Delhi – Web seminar: Side loading for Spinal Correction
  • 2007 Ahmedabad – Workshop on Advanced Instrumentation in Spine
  • 2007 Ahmedabad – XX Annual Conference of ASICON


  • 2006 Chandigarh – 8th Annual Conference of Skull Base Surgery Society of India
  • 2006 Delhi – 6th Asian Conference of Neurological Surgeons (Joint Organizing Secretary)
  • 2005 Delhi – International Symposium on “Current Trends in Neuromuscular Disorders” at AIIMS
  • 2004 Gurgaon – HAPICON
  • 2003 Chandigarh – 52nd Annual Conference of NSI
  • 2003 Chandigarh – 3rd Annual Conference of ISCS
  • 2001 Delhi – Annual AIIMS Micro Neurosurgery workshop


  • 1999 Bhubaneswar – XXXII Annual Conference of Urological Society of India
  • 1998 Ahmedabad – 58th Annual Conference of ASICON
  • 1997 Udaipur – Mid-term conference of Indian Association of Surgical Oncology
  • 1997 Mumbai – 30th Annual Conference of the Urological Society of India
  • 1997 Udaipur – Golden Independence Conference
  • 1991 Udaipur – Indo US Symposium & Workshop on Critical Care Medicine

Dr. Arun Saroha’s is recognized for his work in Spine and Brain skills worldwide

  • Faculty in ASSICON, 2012, New Delhi


  • Faculty for training Neurosurgeons at Al Kindi University, Baghdad, 2012


  • Visiting Faculty for training doctors at Baghdad University, Baghdad 2011


  • Visiting Faculty in Ferdinand Church University, Lagos, Nigeria, 2010


  • Guest Lecture on Role of Modern Neurosurgery in multidisciplinary approach in trauma, Gurgaon.


  • Guest Lecture on Degenerative Spine disorders & management at Rohtak, Haryana.


  • Guest Lecture on Near Zero Mortality in Elective Neurosurgery in IMA Rewari, Haryana.


  • Delegate – North India – AO Spine India


  • Awarded “Best Spine Surgeon” by BIG RESEARCH AWARDS at New Delhi 2013.


  • Awarded ” Best Resident for Critical Care in Neurosurgery at PGIMER” 2002


  • Best Scientific Paper Award on ” Brain Tumor Research” at NSICON, 2003


  • Best Scientific Paper at IASO Conference, 1996


To contact Dr. Arun Saroha, please visit www.spineandbrainindia.com or write us at info@spineandbrainindia.com

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Minimally invasive spine surgery

Why Future Belongs To Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery- is another name for what we know as a keyhole surgery. With the advent of this highly sophisticated technique,

spine surgery in India has never been the same.Minimally invasive spine surgery is another name for what we know as a keyhole surgery. With the advent of this highly sophisticated technique, spine surgery in India has never been the same.

Types Of Spinal Treatment -Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery

  • Spinal treatments: Spinal treatments are given in the case of a slipped disc. The approach to correct the slipped disc varies from conservative to surgical methods, depending upon the extent of displacement.

Primary course: In the preliminary stage, the back pain may subside on its own,

just by exercising or stretching with the help of a physical therapist. Taking over the counter pills might also be helpful. If the pain still persists,

the doctor may give strong muscle relaxers, pain killers or nerve pain medications.

Spine Surgery And its Types

Surgery: When the slipped disc doesn’t improve within six weeks and begins to impact your daily routine, doctors, at last, recommend surgery.

Surgery: Minimally invasive spine surgery is the latest and most advanced technique up til now. There are many hospitals where you can avail the spine surgery in Delhi, to treat the herniated disc.

There are two types of minimally invasive spine surgery:

  • Decompression surgery: This method of minimally invasive decompression surgery is used to treat discs that are less severely damaged. In this procedure,
  • the surgeon removes part of the disc that has been damaged. This helps in freeing the nerve root and reducing the pain.


  • Stabilization surgery:  When the whole disc is diseased, stabilization surgery is performed. In this case, the entire disc would be removed and in place of that, an implant would be placed to stabilize the spine.

The procedure of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery:

The surgeon first draws a 5 mm cut in the back. Another incision of 10 cm is made to the side of the spine and a small endoscope (a small thin tube carrying a camera at the end of it) is inserted through the skin with the help of X-rays, to the damaged point.

The dissected piece of the disc is then pulled out with the help of graspers. The whole procedure takes about an hour to complete. After removing the endoscope, just a plaster is put over the incision.

So, there are no stitches. In case, a patient feels any discomfort or pain after the surgery, a small dose of paracetamol usually does the work for the next 24 hours.

The best part is you don’t need to stay overnight at the hospital. The treatment is over within an hour and the person is allowed to go home the same day.

However, rest is highly recommended. There are many hospitals which provide this advanced spine surgery in Gurgaon and in Delhi as well.

Advantages of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery:


• Small incision. The cut is tiny, as compared to 18 cm in the traditional method.

• The tissues are only shifted aside, whereas muscles are cut and spinal canal is opened in the older methods.

• Wide spectrum treatment. Can treat many disc problems like sciatica etc.

• Takes about an hour and no stitches are there.

• The success rate is same as the conventional surgery.

• Very fewer chances of infection or blood clots.

• Patients can home the very same day.

• Quicker recovery and is really low in the pocket.

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