Migraine is a type of Headache and most of the people confuse every headache with migraine. It is therefore important to clearly understand Migraine and how it is different from any other kind of headache. Migraine is a headache which ranges from moderate to severe. Typically the migraine headache affects one side of the brain, is pulsating in nature and may last from 3 hours to several days. The patient may experience nausea, vomitting, sensitivity to light and sound and the pain may increase with physical activity. Most of the people who suffer from migraine get the intuition that the headache is about to happen. Before puberty more boys than girls are affected with migraine, however after puberty, the number of women who suffer migraine are much more than men.

Exact cause of migraine is still unknown but the occurence is more in people who have a family history. Psychological factors like Depression and Anxiety are also known to cause migraine headache. In women the migraine headache occurs around the menstruation period and rarely occur in women after menopause. Since there is no definite answer to the cause of migraine, the best course is to avoid the triggers and take timely treatment.


The best practice in the treatment of migraine is the prevention. One must avoid the triggers like hunger, fatigue, stress, anxiety in order to reduce the severity of migraine. The best line of treatment is the pain medication but it will have maximum impact when taken just before the headache starts. The moment you get the intuition that the migraine headache is about to start you should take the pain medication for it to have maximum impact.

Massage and other relaxation techniques will also reduce the frequency of migraine attacks as would regular physical exercise. Overuse of pain medication can also make the migraine more troublesome. Using pain medication for more than 3 days in a week is not recommended. Drinking Coffee also works in the same way as the pain medication and having a cup of coffee just before the migraine headache starts is also recommended. One in Seven people in this world suffer from Migraine so when you are going through this phase do not think that you are alone. More than 1 Billion people in this world go through the same pain but the solution is available and you should consult the right doctor for the same.


The cost for the treatment is not significant in terms of the cost of the doctor consultation, tests or the medicines. However the cost incurred due to decreased productivity and deterioration in the quality of life is a very significant cost of the disease. It is therefore important that you reach to the right doctor for the treatment of Migraine Headache.

Dr Arun Saroha and his team of neuro specialists have been treating migraine headache with great success for the last 20 years and thousands of patients have been relieved of this terrible condition which can severely deteriorate the quality of your life. There is no point in suffering silently when easy solution is at hand. So if you are suffering from chronic migraine headache, pickup your phone and book an appointment with Dr. Arun Saroha or one his team members.

Our team of Patient Care Executives will take care of all your needs while you are in India for your treatment. They will facilitate your travel by sending visa invitation to the Indian embassy. Find all the details on the page about International Patients.

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