A head injury is any sort of injury to your brain, skull, or scalp. This can range from a mild bump or bruise to a traumatic brain injury. Common head injuries include concussions, skull fractures, and scalp wounds. The consequences and treatments vary greatly, depending on what caused your head injury and how severe it is. Head injuries may be either closed or open. A closed head injury is any injury that doesn’t break your skull. An open, or penetrating, head injury is one in which something breaks your skull and enters your brain.

If a person who has met with an accident has any visible bleeding from the head, ear or face then it could be due to injury to the brain. If the person vomits or loses consciousness even for a little while after the accident then you must immediately consult a neurosurgeon and the patient should get admitted to a hospital for observation for a period of atleast 24 hours. The head injury could result in minor bleed inside the brain which may cause symptoms like seizures later in the life.


Our neurosurgeon would be doing a thorough physical and neurological examination for any patient who has met with an accident even if the patient looks perfectly normal. This must be followed by a CT Scan of the Brain which would give excellent information about any kind of injury resulting in any bleed inside the brain. The common things which happen to an accident patient is Epidural Haematoma (EDH), Subdural Haematoma (SDH), skull fracture or midline shift. Any injury to the brain results in swelling of the brain and since the hard skull does not provide space for the brain to swell, the intracranial pressure starts rising and this can be hazardous to the life of the patient.

The surgery for Head Injury involves temporarily removing a part of the skull to reduce the intracranial pressure and the surgery is called Craniotomy. If there is signficant bleed inside the brain then the surgeon might use a drill to remove the haematoma from the brain. For good results the first surgery for any head injury must be done by a well trained and experienced neurosurgeon as the recovery depends on the success of the first surgery.


Patients of head injury might require prolonged hospitalization including long stay in the intensive care unit. Predicting the cost of treatment in such situation can be very difficult. A surgical treatment for head injury typically costs USD 3000 - 5000 but the total bill of the patient would depend on the length of stay in the hospital. Head injury patients are haemodynamically unstable and the surgery is not done till the patient is in a stable condition. The cost of ICU stay would be USD 500 - 1000 per day while the stay in the room would be costing USD 150 - 300 per day.

Head injury patients require long rehabilitation after discharge from the hospital and that adds more cost to the treatment in terms of the cost of physiotherapy. At Max Hospital you can get robotic physiotherapy which is very useful in hemiplagic patients and quadriplegic patients. The financial burden and the emotional burden of a head injury could be huge and therefore one must be always careful while driving, playing sport or even in their day to day life so as to avoid any kind of physical harm specially head injury.

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