Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) is a clear liquid which surrounds the brain and the spine and is meant to cushion them from outside damage. When there is a tear in the membrane which holds the CSF fluid, leakage of the fluid through the nose takes place. Some leaks may happen spontaneously while others may be caused by any kind of trauma to the brain or spine.

The symptoms of Spinal CSF Leak are positional headaches - headache which worsens while sitting but improves upon lying down, nausea, vomiting, neck pain or stiffness, ringing noise in the ear, body imbalance, photophobia, phonophobia, pain between the shoulder blades. Patients who have CSF leak in the brain may experience running nose, salty or metallic taste in the mouth, feeling of something draining at the back of the throat, loss of smell, ear ringing etc.


Diagnosing CSF Leak can be tricky and is sometimes missed by the doctors. Your neurosurgeon will do a thorough physical and neurological examination. If the fluid coming out of the nose can be collected then it can be sent to the lab for testing to find out whether it is CSF. In order to find out the exact location of the tear, imaging tests like CT Scan or MRI would be done.

Most of the CSF leaks will heal on their own with some bed rest for the patient. However more severe CSF leaks may have to be repaired through surgery. For cranial CSF leaks our neurosurgeons take the nssal approach using an endoscope which is least invasive. Similarly for the spinal CSF leaks we perform minimal invasive spine surgery to repair the tear in the membrane. The hospital stay for such surgery would be 2-3 days and the stay of the patient in India would be for 2 weeks.


Max Hospitals at New Delhi and Gurgaon have the most advanced cutting edge technology when it comes to CSF Leak Repair Surgery. The operation theatres are equipped with very high precision Operating Microscopes from Karl Storz, Germany. The endoscopy suite helps in doing the surgeries through the nose. The technology deployed at Max Hospital in the field of Neurosurgery makes us the premier centre in the world. India offers huge advantages in terms of cost of treatment, cost of hotels, food and travel.

CSF Leak Repair Surgery in India will cost in the range of USD 6000 - 9000 depending upon the type and location of the tear, age and general health of the patient. Max Hospital offers all kinds of accomodation for the patients - ward beds, shared rooms and single private rooms. The cost of doctor consultation and diagnostics is also the lowest in the world. Our team has done more than 15000 brain and spine surgeries with success rate in excess of 98%.

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