Astrocytoma is cancer of the astrocyte cells in the brain. These cells support the nerve cells. Astrocytomas can happen in any part of the brain or the spine. The brain astrocytomas would cause headaches, seizures, nausea, vomiting. The spine astrocytomas cause weakness and disability in the area where the tumour is growing. The astrocytomas can be slow growing or aggressive.

The diagnosis of astrocytoma can be done by a thorough neurological examination followed by imaging tests like Functional MRI, Perfusion MRI and MR Spectroscopy. CT Scan can be useful but not as informative as MRI Scan. Whole Body PET Scan helps in staging of the tumour and establishing the grade and spread of the tumour to other organs of the body. In some cases a biopsy can be done to find out the nature and aggressiveness of the tumour. The biopsy test results offer great help to the neurosurgeons in deciding on the line of treatment. Brain diseases have good prognosis if diagnosed early.


Experienced neurosurgeons would be able to remove the astrocytoma through surgery. In this type of surgery a high level of precision and experience on the part of the neurosurgeon is required to remove as much of the tumour without touching the healthy live brain tissue. The best option is a combination of Surgical excision followed by Gamma Knife or Cyberknife to radiate the residual tumour. Once the tumour is removed, it is sent for biopsy and on the basis of the biopsy result further treatment is planned. If the tumour is aggressive then some cycles of Chemotherapy may be advisable to kill the cancer cells present in the body. Surgery is always the best line of treatment but can be done only if the tumour is localized and not spread to other organs of the body. If the cancer has spread then chemotherapy may be the only option or in some cases even that is not of much help and palliative care remains the only option. Diagnosing the disease at an early stage therefore remains the focus area for our neurosurgeons for best outcomes.


Max Hospitals at New Delhi and Gurgaon have the most advanced cutting edge technology when it comes to Astrocytoma Tumour Surgery. The operation theatres are equipped with very high precision Operating Microscopes from Karl Storz, Germany. The Brain Suite helps the neurosurgeon in distinguishing between healthy brain tissue and cancerous tumour while doing the surgery. The technology deployed at Max Hospital in the field of Neurosurgery makes us the premier centre in the world. India offers huge advantages in terms of cost of treatment, cost of hotels, food and travel.

Astrocytoma Tumour Surgery in India will cost in the range of USD 6000 - 9000 depending upon the type of tumour, age and general health of the patient. Max Hospital offers all kinds of accomodation for the patients - ward beds, shared rooms and single private rooms. In India the cost of doctor consultation and diagnostics is also the lowest in the world. India has close to 1800 neurosurgeons and this means that the waiting time for any kind of surgery is not more than one week. Our team has done more than 15000 brain and spine surgeries with success rate in excess of 98%.