Arachnoid Cysts are fluid filled sacs between the brain and the arachnoid membrane which covers the brain and the spinal cord. Mostly this is a genetic condition and is present from birth. However in some cases these cysts can be formed due to head injury, meningitis, brain tumour or can be formed post brain surgery. The location and size of the cyst will determine the type of symptoms and the age when they start showing up. Most of the patients will show the symptoms during the first year of their life but almost all the patients will have the symtpoms before the age of 20 if the cyst is present since birth.

The symptoms include headache, nausea, vomiting, seizures, hearing and visual disturbances, vertigo and imbalance in the body while walking or standing. MRI Scan gives an accurate diagnosis between the arachnoid cysts and other types of cysts.


If the cyst is small and is not causing any pressure on the surrounding brain tissue then there would not be any significant symtpoms. In such cases, it is best not to do any treatment. However if the symptoms are troubling then Microneurosurgery can be done to remove the membrane of the cyst which will allow the fluid in the cyst to drain into the cerebro-spinal fluid and get absorbed. At Max Hospital we can do the surgery using a high resolution microscope by making a small window through the skull. Our neurosurgeons are also doing the surgery using an endoscope which can go into the brain through the nose without doing craniotomy. Another alternative to this surgery would be the placement of a plastic tube called shunt into the cyst which will drain the fluid. The shunt is a plastic tube, one end of which is placed inside the arachnoid cyst and the tube travels under your skin. The other end is placed inside the abdomen so that the fluid can drain from the cyst into the abdomen.


Max Hospitals at New Delhi and Gurgaon have the most advanced cutting edge technology when it comes to Arachnoid Cyst Surgery. The operation theatres are equipped with very high precision Operating Microscopes from Karl Storz, Germany. The technology deployed at Max Hospital in the field of Neurosurgery makes us the premier centre in the world. India offers huge advantages in terms of cost of treatment, cost of hotels, food and travel.

Endoscopic Surgery for arachnoid cyst in India will cost in the range of USD 6000 - 9000 depending upon the size of the cyst, age and general health of the patient. The cost of shunt surgery would be in the range of USD 3500 - 5000. Max hospital offers all kinds of accomodation in the hospital ranging from shared rooms to single private rooms. The cost of the treatment depends on the category of room chosen.